Apply for Exhibition Space

Application Form Details

Legally registered enterprises or companies, research institutes, and universities, clubs, joint ventures, co-operations are eligible to apply for the exhibition; provided that they are engaged in developing, researching, producing, selling, representing, and managing the products in the sports, health and fitness field. Copies of licenses, registered brand and logo, will be required to finalize the exhibition application and registration process.


The organizing committee has the right to disqualify any participating company that fails to apply according to its genuine conditions

Application Procedures:

  • Complete the electronic Exhibition Application Form below
  • Confirm the location and size of your exhibition space
  • All the exhibitor information will be sent to you once the exhibition space is confirmed

Fill in the Exhibition Form:

Download the electronic SHF Exhibitor Application Form 2018 here:

Terms and Conditions

The organizer reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to change the name of the exhibition, to more accurately reflect the exhibitor mix. The organizer further reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion, should the dates become unsuitable for whatsoever reason, to reschedule the dates to a time more advantageous to the success of the exhibition as a whole and the exhibitor agree to be bound by such dates, provided the exhibition is held not later than 3 months after the original published dates, upon which this contract was based.

Should the organizer consider this necessary, it may reduce or increase the stand area allocated to each exhibitor by not more than 10% and exhibitors agree to accept such varied stand size, provided they receive written notification not later than 1 month prior to the exhibition.

The organizer reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion, should the venue become unusable for whatsoever reason, to relocate to a new venue in the best interests of the exhibition as a whole and furthermore subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Whilst every effort will be made to meet the requirements of exhibitors taking part in the exhibition, they reserve the right to make any alterations which they may consider necessary or to alter the positions of any of the facilities within the show, or to take any other steps considered necessary in connection with the show, in which event the exhibitor shall have no claim of whatsoever nature and kind arising from whatsoever cause against the organizer.

If the organizer cancels the exhibition, or cancels this contract for reasons other than breach by the exhibitor, it shall refund to the exhibitor all amounts paid by the exhibitor in terms of the contract, which will be sent through on confirmation of the exhibition space.
Acceptance of exhibitors will be based on the availability of space.
In the event of the organizer agreeing to any request for release from the contract, the exhibitor shall be liable for all or part of the total costs stated in the exhibition contract, which will be sent through on confirmation of the exhibition space, on the following scale:

  • Cancellation 60 or less days before exhibition: 80% of cost
  • Cancellation 30 days or less before exhibition: full cost

Each exhibition package includes:

  • Access for 2 members of your company to run the exhibition stand
  • Parking access for two vehicles
  • Exhibitors are welcome to use customized booths / exhibition stands

Exhibition packages for 5m X 3m exhibition space include the above plus:

  • 2 invitation tickets for clients, prospects and associates to visit the exhibition area at no charge
  • Fifty-word (50) company description in the official digital show guide